Goat Milk Formulas

cropped-goat.jpgWelcome to the Goat Milk Formula Page. Goat Milk is the only known milk that is the closest to Human milk Production and it is NATURAL! I offer a recipe for introducing Goat Milk to your newborn infant or child as well as additional options for additives as the child gets older.



One thought on “Goat Milk Formulas

  1. Sheria says:

    My baby is 6 months and we just introduced her to goat milk. Do I use 32 oz of water like the can says or use 20oz like your recipe calls for? I’m new at this and I want to get it right. And also not sure if my baby is allergic to rice cereal or sensitive to it, is there an alternative? How many table spoons for an 8oz bottle? Thank you Sheria


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