Frequently Asked Questions

What made you decide to make a homemade formula?

There were many factors that led to this which you can read under “My Story” but the overall reason was due to my baby having a sensitive digestive system.  While I was still nursing they had me use various commercial formulas on her, such as Enfamil, Nutramigen Lipil, Similac, Soy, and even a Prescription type that had no dairy and was completely chemical based. Her pediatrician stated she was allergic to my breast milk, dairy, and soy. She had to take zantac every time she ate along with a tummy medicine to settle it. She also had severe blisters on her bottom like the formula was scalding her. I was furious and upset.

I used the natural approach a lot for myself but never thought about it being an option for my baby. I still continued to nurse regardless and ordered the formula like he said but out of desperation I went and talked to a health food store consultant and she stated so many moms have been told this and to just give the Goat Milk a try. I was terrified to try it because it wasn’t listed as an actual formula in the baby isle at Walmart and I was told my baby was allergic to dairy. She insisted that I just give it a try and keep nursing and just see what happens.

I used only the Goat Milk formula that week and within a few days I noticed a physical difference and could not believe it. Her diarrhea was not as bad and her spitting up was mild. I went back and got a probiotic to add for the second week and researched more on a Goat Milk formula and by the second week my baby had absolutely no reflux, was sleeping, no baby acne, and no blisters on her bottom and regular bowel movements. I was in such shock but also so angry at the same time but relieved that God gave me that intuition to try something else and to do something about it.

Were you scared that the formula would have less nutritional value than the commercial formulas? 

In the beginning YES! I was terrified because all I knew was what was on the shelf at Wal-Mart. I then realized that I was not exactly scared of the nutritional value as I was to taking the step to be different and trying something new that did not involve my daughter’s doctor but my own instinct. When you see the changes in the health of your baby you regret ever questioning your own thoughts. I am thankful every single day that I had the courage and the knowledge to make this recipe and to have the opportunity to share it and help other parents and their babies as well.


What did your Pediatrician say about your formula choice?

At first he did not want to believe that this milk is what had changed the health of my daughter and swore she would be iron deficient and signs of her being allergic would soon show. He wanted her iron checked every week-2 weeks for a while and once he realized she was in excellent health and not allergic to my breast milk, dairy, or soy as he thought he wanted to know what all I was using in the formula and said he was truly amazed. I think it took him a good solid year to really accept the fact that he was incorrect though lol.

Did your child have any allergic reactions to the homemade formula?

None at all. You may notice that the recipe I show is for 20 ounces even starting out but since I was instructed that she was allergic to dairy and knowing how sensitive her stomach was I used 4-5 Tablespoons of Goat milk in 32-36 ounces for a few weeks to really slow her into it. This is not something many will have to do but I think it is always good to be cautious when switching your baby’s milk. You will know within a few days if they are going to have an allergic reaction and after a few weeks you can know for sure that their little tummy’s have accepted the milk and feel completely comfortable to do the full formula.

Where do you get the products and ingredients to make the formula?

I get most everything at the local health food market in town. However, I also order in Bulk from www.vitacost.com as well. You can also check some grocery stores as well for Goat Milk, Soy, Rice, and Coconut milk. I do however recommend only getting your baby’s vitamins at a health food store or online.

Are there other Goat Milk Powder Options?

Yes, but the only one I have worked with and recommend at this time is:

Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk With added Vitamin D

Can I use the concentrate Goat Milk in a can and the liquid Goat Milk already made?

This is not something I recommend until your baby is atleast 12 months of age due to the mixture not being as balanced as preparing with the powder where you can adjust to your baby’s liking.

What Formula base did you use for your baby?

I used Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk with my baby.

Did you Breast Feed your Baby?

Yes. I nursed my baby for 7 months along with supplementing with the breast milk formula and a goat milk formula.

Did you try the Vegan Recipes first or just the Goat Milk?

Just the Goat Milk and when I had success with that and I did not change.

Why do you recommend making a formula rather than just using the powdered Goat Milk how it comes?

Your baby’s immune system is just so important that you want to give he/she the best nutrients possible. The milk alone does have a lot of nutrients but there needs to be more to provide everything that baby needs. No different than how we as adults may eat healthy and still take vitamins.

My Baby has had severe reflux from all other formulas. If I choose one of these recipes how long will it take until I notice a difference?

You will notice a difference within a few days if not immediately.

My Pediatrician states that my baby is allergic to Dairy and we need to use a prescribed formula? Should I try a homemade formula first?

Making a homemade formula to try first is no different than trying any other new formula off the shelf or as a Rx. The formula you choose will need to be based on the formula route you feel you need to go. If you feel that your baby is definitely allergic to dairy but are still wanting to make a homemade formula then your best choice might be to use a Vegan Formula over a Goat Milk Formula. *Make sure that your Pediatrician is willing to work with you on your choices for your baby. This is very important.

 Some of the research states that Goat Milk may cause iron deficiency. If so what should I add to the formula or what do you recommend?

Always check with your pediatrician with your concerns on iron deficiency per they can prescribe a supplement if needed. When making the formula and using natural vitamins within the milk as well as adding cereal that contains iron as your baby gets older helps aid in their complete nutrition. The only time a pediatrician may be concerned about a baby’s iron intake is if the baby has severe reflux and spits up quite a bit which makes them question the nutrients the baby is able to keep down. With all that being said, making a homemade formula is very healthy and you can feel confident that your baby will get all their nutrients and then some.

We are a non-dairy family and I would like to use the vegan recipes along with nursing and then switch to a vegan formula for my baby solely. Is this safe?


Is there a formula recipe that you recommend the most?

I am partial to the Goat Milk Formula due to the milk being as close as you can get to human breast milk.

If you recommend the Goat Milk recipe the most then why do you offer other alternative recipes?

Every Baby is different and what formula might work excellent for one might not work as great as an alternative formula for another baby.

When can I introduce almond milk to my baby?

Not until the baby is atleast 12 months of age.

Can I give my baby straight almond milk after 12 months or does it really need to be a formula base still?

This is up to you as the parent and your pediatrician.

My personal opinion is to make it a full formula to get more of the nutritional value that can be offered through the formula.

My daycare is a government funded daycare that does not allow outside foods as far as me making my own formula or even making my own baby food. What should I do?

I had the same issue even with a private daycare. All you have to do is write a letter stating that you are choosing to make your own formula and provide your own baby food for your baby and sign and date it. Also, include a letter from your baby’s pediatrician stating the same thing as well if needed. The daycare just needs the directions you chose for your baby in their file.

I receive WIC and I know commercial formula is covered but I want to make a better milk-formula for my baby. Is this covered under the WIC program?

Yes, as long as it is bought at a place that accepts the WIC program.

Site: http://www.fns.usda.gov/wic/wic-food-package-regulatory-requirements Types of Milk

Can I buy these ingredients in Bulk? Where?

Yes. Either through your health food store or at www.vitacost.com

If Breast Milk provides all the necessary nutrients for a baby then why do you supplement and offer a formula for this?

Every mother’s breast milk is different and every baby is different. As a mother it is good to have options to ensure that your baby is healthy and happy and sometimes that includes supplementing some to satisfy your baby and yourself. A lot of mothers feel that their breast milk is not satisfying their baby and want to give up when all they need to do is just supplement some and continue nursing. As a mom never give up, just evaluate your options.

What is the best water for making these formulas?

This is up to you. Never use water straight from the sink unless you boil it first. You never know what is in the water from your well or City Sewer System.

I have used boiled water, Filtered Water, and even bottled water and all has been great. Hot water mixes the formula very well.

Can I mix milk recipes between Goats Milk and Vegan formulas for my 6mo old?

I would not recommend mixing milks this early in age.

My baby is highly allergic to dairy and did not respond well to Goat or Soy Milk but is responding well to the Rice Formula. She is only 3 months old. Is this nutritious enough for her?


I have noticed that there are different types of Recipes out on the internet for a Goat Milk Formula. How do I know which is best and why is yours different?

My Approach to this formula has been to provide a homemade formula that is very healthy and nutritious as well as Very easy to make so mom’s would not feel overwhelmed by all the ingredients and work that it takes to put into making the formula and give up since this is the baby’s main source of nutrition their first year of life. I offer additional options of additives that are optional just in case your baby doesn’t do well with cereal or if you want to add additional ingredients it is up to you. Just know that any of these recipes provide amazing nutrition for your baby.


I am a busy working mother and worry that this will be too much trouble to commit to and time consuming. As a Busy Mom yourself how much time will this take vs using the easy approach of commercial formula?

It does not take much time at all. I use hot water, whip in the ingredients, mix with a fork in the container and store in the fridge and I am done! Very Easy! See my how-to-videos for instruction as well.

How much formula can I make ahead of time and how long can it keep in the refrigerator?

This depends on how much your baby drinks within 2 days. I only recommend making enough that can be stored and used within a 48 hour period.

I only want to start my baby on a Rice Formula as a Newborn. Is that safe?

Of course! This is your choice as a mom and if it does not work out well for your baby then there are other options.

You recommend using Olive Oil. Can I use Flaxseed oil instead?


Could I substitute Coconut Water for regular water in these formulas?

I only recommend coconut water within a few recipes that are when the baby is older or mixing it within a smoothie.




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    • Casey Poff says:

      Yes. With the Goat Milk Formula (pending the age of your child) it ranges from 1.69-2.30 a day. It has been less depending on the price that the Goat Milk is at the time of purchase. Hope this helps!


  1. Jeff vann says:

    Do you recommend using goat milk formula exclusively even if we are not doing anything supplementing with breast milk which we are not.


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