Goat Milk Baby Formula Recipe Introduction


Recipe for Introducing Goat Milk For The Infant With A Sensitive Digestive Tract


4 Tablespoons Meyenburg Whole Powdered Goat Milk

½ teaspoon Probiotic

32-36 Ounces Boiled Water

* Mix all ingredients with the warm water in your chosen container.

Important: If your child has had a sensitivity to milk, commercial based formula, and possible milk allergy, then this is how you need to introduce the Goat Milk. It is very possible that your child does not have a dairy allergy and just has a sensitive digestive system and needs to be slowly introduced to dairy. Using 32-36 ounces of water with less milk than the average Goat Milk formula will aid in helping clean out the baby’s system of all the impurities, starch, and other ingredients that were in the previous milk they were receiving. Similar to detoxing.

Make sure to serve the milk warm when your baby has a sensitive digestive tract. This helps aid in the digestion of the proteins and is easy on the stomach and limits the possibility of colic and gas.

Use this Formula Recipe for 3-5 days.

If your baby is responding well to this formula after around the 5th day then add 5 Tablespoons instead of 4 and continue that formula for another 5 days.

By now you should be able to tell if your baby is responding to the Goat Milk well or if you may need to switch to a Vegan formula. If your baby is doing great on this Goat Milk Introduction Formula then it is time for the full recipe!


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